Our focus is on educating Atlanta Businesses on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, what it is, the key components of AI that are relevant to business, as well as how you should approach your AI Strategy.   Our sessions can be run virtually or in our offices in Atlanta Georgia.  The goal is to allow you to understand and implement AI within your organisation.  


This 40-minute presentation (plus 20 minutes of Q&A) aims to quickly demystify the application of AI.  Using real world examples and interactive discussions, the introduction to AI will allow you to understand some of the magic behind the things you read or see on TV.   At the end of this session you will have :

  1. A clearer understanding of key Artificial Intelligence concepts
  2. A simple way to filter out the hype
  3. An understanding of how AI may impact your market
  4. A path to engage to better prepare your business for an AI future can run these sessions at your location, at our facility near Avalon in Alpharetta or Virtually. 


This 60-minute discussion will help you understand the key components of a robust AI strategy.  What it means to be a data company, how you can prepare your employee and what you need to consider as you move along this path. 

  1. Data: 
  2. People: 
  3. Technology:
  4. Change Management:
  5. Aspiration:

Our Strategy Discussion is best given face 2 face. . 




Our executive briefings are focused on sharing a non-technical, business-focused and thought-provoking view of the future.  A clearer understanding of key Artificial Intelligence concepts.  A base knowledge that will demystify what you read in the news or see on TV.

  1. A simple way to filter out the hype.  Everyone will leave being able to quickly discern fact from fiction when presented with a magic AI technology.
  2. An understanding of how AI may impact your marketAAAI analyst will prepare relevant A.I. use cases and examples to discuss potential disruptors to your market.
  3. A path to engage to better prepare your business for an AI futureWe will discuss options to further illuminate opportunities or accurately describe threats.  We believe understanding the problem is 95% of the challenge.
  4. A short overview of the technical landscape.  We will touch on the 5 or six big players in the market – Amazon, Google, amongst others..   We’ll also share with you how you can test your idea, using low-cost services, to ensure you get value.

The AI briefings are focused on the real application of AI and dispelling the sales hype.   It’s interactive, informal, insightful and thought-provoking. can run these sessions at your location or at our facility near Avalon in Alpharetta.